Tigger's Death Valley Day

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

A day in Death Valley? This wasn't exactly on Tigger's "Top Ten List" of places to visit, but hey.

Though before going to Death Valley, Tigger went to Mono Lake with Laura and Lee...

As you can see, Tigger was all dressed for a day on the white stuff...but he didn't know that it would be *pumice* and not snow!

Tigger tried hiding in the weeds...

...But he got dragged off to see the tufa anyways. That Tigger has such a tufa life! :-)

He did make a new friend, though!

And over at Black Point he got to hang out on a black sand beach.

That night at a German restaurant Tigger gets acquainted with a mountain goat.

Woo hoo! The view from up there is not baaaad at all! :-)

Tigger is very intrigued by the flaming chocolate lava cake that Jim got as his birthday dessert.

Mmmm...oodles of streudel!

Tigger and Mt. Whitney - Tigger does tend to be a bit extreme at times, so he found the idea of going from high point in the continental U.S. to low point very interesting.

From 14,000 feet to below sea level in about 100 miles!

It wouldn't be a trip to Death Valley without seeing where borax comes from.

Not to mention driving a 20 mule team wagon!

Tigger and Lee hike in Golden Canyon.

The footprint of an ancient Death Valley dinosaur???

Oh by gosh, by golly...it's some real Death Valley holly!

There's no grass in Death Valley, so Tigger passes the time watching salt crystals grow.

Tigger tries out the Devil's Golf Course...

Bummer...that's a tough lie!

Last stop...Badwater, 280 feet below sea level.

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