Hawaii '04 Photos - Wednesday-Friday

Sunrise over Mauna Kea

Walt and Barb's dive boat

Hulihe'e Palace in Kailua Kona. Built of lava rock and coral mortar - the walls are three feet thick.

This six foot koa table was made of a single vertical cut of a koa tree - that's a HUGE tree!

Princess Ruth (granddaughter of Kamehameha I) was one of the more colorful residents of the palace...she was over six feet tall and weighed over 400 pounds! This was her bed...must be "Princess-size".

This inlay table contains wood from over 20(?) different kinds of Hawaiian trees.

Kailua Candy Company...the real reason for visiting the Big Island as far as Barb and I were concerned!

A hammock in Hawaii. Life is good.

This beautiful fellow was strutting around the grounds of our B&B in Captain Cook. It's too bad his voice doesn't match his appearance! He liked to perch in a tree outside our room and screech for a couple hours each evening...fortunately he stopped before bedtime.


Darin's gone native!

Trees along the beach at Pu`uhonua O Honaunau - the City of Refuge

The back side of tikis

Darin tries to convince the naive tourists that this is a pineapple tree. (It's a lauhala (Pandanas tree) - that hat Darin was wearing in an earlier picture was made of lauhala, and it's also used for mats, baskets, boxes, and other items.)


Walt and Lee stay connected at the Kona airport

Saturday-Sunday photos