Tourist Mickey Visits Disneyland!

Part 2

Mickey is *connected*, ya know, and got to visit Disneyland's exclusive Club 33...

Our servers were Alistair and Jillian - appropriate high class names, don't you think? Alistair felt pretty honored to have the opportunity to serve the "Big Cheese".

Mickey enjoyed a glass of one of the very fine wines available at Club 33. And Mickey had (what else?) a cheese souffle for dinner. :-)

With Mickey around to keep him under control, Tigger was much better behaved than he was before, and there wasn't a repeat of last time's rather unfortunate incident.

Tigger and Dessert

Well, Tigger was well-behaved until it was time for dessert, at least. :-)

Club 33 desserts

And such desserts! Is it any wonder Tigger was overcome? Mickey, of course, had cheesecake. :-)

Fortunately the other patrons are somewhat accustomed to having celebrites in their midst (Nicolas Cage was dining there that evening, also), and so Mickey was allowed to enjoy his meal in peace, and not be constantly badgered for autographs, photos, etc.

Mickey enjoyed posing througout the day with some of his friends, though:

Mickey and Brer Rabbit

Here's Mickey and Brer Rabbit...

Mickey and Minnie

And of course Mickey and his main squeeze.

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