The FIRST RADP IRC Meet happened Wednesday, March 5, 1997 at 7:30 pm (EST). And we've continued to have fun ever since! :-)

Wednesday is the "official" meet night; but there's a group who meets regularly on Sunday nights, also. You can check in any time to see if someone is around.

If You're Already Familiar With IRC...

Our chat room is on "our own" radp.org servers - connect to one of the servers:


and then /join #radp-friends. The room is hidden, so it will NOT show up if you do a /list - don't worry about that, it's really there, we promise! :-)

Getting Started If You're Not Familiar With IRC...


For PCs: The standard in the cyber community for IRC is mIRC... a nice free piece of software that is user-friendly and can, once you read the helpfile, do pretty colors and stuff in the text. mIRC can be obtained at:
Here you'll find the software, FAQs, and links to sites with tips, etc. etc. Follow directions as to how to download and install. mIRC version 6.31 is now available!

For Macs: The standard seems to be snak, which is shareware. You can find it at:

When you are doing your IRC set-up... check the email and real name and make sure you *change* the info from your real information to anything else. It might seem odd at the moment, but it really is important to keep your personal biz from others who aren't the wondrous radp-ers we all know and love.

You'll also choose a nickname - this is the name that will identify you to everyone else when you're chatting in the room. You can pick just about anything you want - some people choose their first name, their favorite Disney character, their favorite food, or favorite place. It *doesn't* have to be related to Disney at all. Be as creative (or not) as you wish. The nickname you select is NOT a permanent thing, and you can certainly change it at any time if you come up with something you like better.

One caution: If you select a nickname that someone else has registered, you'll need to quickly change to a different nick, or the server will kick you off. (You'll see the line: "This nickname is registered and protected" in your status window.) To change your nick at any time, type:
/nick newnickname


You need to connect to one of the IRC servers and then join our #radp-friends chat room.

You can connect to any of the following servers:


If you're having trouble connecting, something you might also try is changing the port from 6667 to 7000. Or any port number between 6660-6669 should work as well.

Most IRC clients let you select from a list of servers and then click on the "connect" button, but you can also type the command:
/server chat.radp.org
(or any of the other server names), and that will connect you to the server.

Once you're connected, you should see the "Welcome to RADP.org" messages. From there, type:
/join #radp-friends
and that'll put you right into our chat room.

You will have to explicitly /join the chat room rather than being able to select it from a channels list. Our room has been hidden, which tends to keep out troublemakers.


Ok, so 20 million is a bit of an exaggeration. :-)

It's not necessary to greet everyone personally - a general hello is fine. If you're new, you might want to just sit back and watch for a while, but don't be afraid to chime in if you feel like talking! We're a very friendly, helpful group, and we don't bite (though we engage in a little trout-slapping every now and then. :-) )

If you have any questions about Disney, IRC, or even life, the universe, and everything ;-), please don't hesitate to ask. We were all new once and know how confusing it can all seem at first.

You'll probably notice that some people have a nickname that has an "@" at the beginning. These are the channel operators, and they are there to help you. If you have any questions you can always ask one of them for assistance.


The "regular" IRC night is Wednesday, but there are usually people in the room every night from about 10:00 p.m. EST until midnight (or even later), as well as on Sunday evenings around 10:00 p.m. EST. But check in any time - you never know when some of our IRC addicts might be around. :-)

The RADP.org IRC servers are not in the mIRC server list, but you can add them by doing the following (chat.radp.org is used as an example):
1. Click on IRC Server tab
2. Click Add button
3. In Description field type: RADP: IRC
4. In IRC Server Field type: chat.radp.org
5. In Ports field type: 6667
6. In Group field type: RADP
7. Click OK button (This is *very* important!)
8. The server will now be added. Click Connect to Server button

If you are familiar with DalNet and/or registering nicks, you can register your nick here, too. It's NOT a requirement, though. If someone has already registered your preferred nick, you may want to modify it to make it unique by adding a number or a symbol onto the end of it.

To register your nick, type: /msg nickserv register password
where password is the password you wish to use to identify yourself.

To make your nick more secure, so that anyone attempting to use it will be kicked off the system unless they properly identify themselves, you can do the following:
/msg nickserv set secure on
/msg nickserv set kill on

Once you have registered your nickname, you will have to identify yourself every time you connect to a server. You type: /msg nickserv identify password. If you've turned kill and security on you'll only have a couple minutes to identify yourself or you'll be kicked off.

There are also a slew of irc commands and help files on the Web. It's a good idea for new folks to check those out. Here's a couple of suggestions:


(Provided by Sam)

If you want to try out IRC without going to the trouble of downloading software, you might be able to use your web browser to chat with us. Go to this web page:


You can enter a new nickname if you don't want the default, but otherwise just click "Connect Now" and it'll take you right into the chat room.

You'll need a browser that supports Java. And if it's the first time you may need to download the jIRC applet - just click the "Accept" button on the pop-up window.


These people can help...

General questions about IRC or accessing #radp-friends:
Laura Gilbreath (tigger) - lgil at lgil dot net
Sam - chat@radp.org

PCs and Unix:
Laura Gilbreath (tigger) - lgil at lgil dot net

Sam - chat@radp.org

Sam - chat@radp.org

Last Updated: 3/16/09