Yosemite Wildflowers

On this year's trip to Yosemite we saw lots of wildflowers, of more varieties than I think I have ever seen before. And I saw flowers that I have never seen except in books. The "flower show" was especially good in Hetch Hetchy Valley and around the Wawona Meadow - it was in the woods just along the periphery of the Wawona Meadow that I saw a Lady's Slipper Orchid for the first time.

I don't necessarily believe that this is the best way to showcase the pictures, but it's what I've come up with so far. They are in mostly alphabetical order...I hope you will enjoy them.

agoseris anemone Wild azalea blue flower Blue iris
Agoseris Anemone Wild azalea Blue iris

blue penstemon butterfly on a thimbleberry dudley's clarkia columbine
Blue penstemon Butterfly on a thimbleberry flower Dudley's Clarkia Columbine

dandelion deer brush dogwood draperia
Dandelion Deer brush Pacific dogwood Draperia

elegant brodiaea farewell-to-spring fiddleneck gold brodiaea
Elegant brodiaea Farewell-to-spring Fiddleneck Gold Brodiaea

heartleaf_arnica indian_pink ladys_slipper larkspur
Heartleaf Arnica Indian pink Lady's Slipper orchid
(I'd never seen this before!)

phlox unknown flower white flower mariposa_lily
Phlox? Unidentified Purple Flower Unidentified White Flower Mariposa lily

meadow_rue milkweed_butterfly miner's lettuce mountain misery
Meadow rue Butterfly on showy milkweed Miner's lettuce Mountain misery

mock_orange mustard pea pinedrops
Mock orange Some member of the mustard family Sierra pea Pinedrops

monkeyflower skullcap snow_plant solomons_seal
Monkeyflower Skullcap Snow plant Solomons Seal

star_tulip stonecrop thimbleberry tincture_plant
Star tulip Stonecrop Thimbleberry Tincture plant

violet wild_rose yellow_iris yellow_violets
Violet Wild rose Yellow Iris Yellow Violets

Yosemite '04 trip report - Part 1
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