Yosemite '05 Photos - Wednesday-Thursday


Gary and Sia had to go home, but Mom, Dad, Lee and I went on a morning bike ride to Mirror Lake, then packed up and drove up to the Wawona Hotel, where we were supposed to spend three nights. Unfortunately they were doing controlled burns in the area, and the smoke was going right over the Wawona. :-( We did the 3.5 mile walk around the Wawona Meadow, which mostly got us out of the smoke.

Reflection in Mirror "Lake", which isn't much of a lake these days, but with the high water it was more of a lake than usual.

Mt. Watkins reflected in Mirror Lake.

Half Dome reflected in Mirror Lake.

The family reflected in Mirror Lake. :-)

The Wawona Hotel - between the smoke and the remodelling we didn't exactly time our visit very well.

Our room - it was pretty big and nicely furnished...

...But this was the "view" out our door/front windows!!!

Dad catches a little shut-eye during our lunch stop.

All of my flower photos are on other pages, but here's a few of the ones from the Wawona Meadow - these are shooting stars.

Mariposa lily and Indian Pink - yes, I know it's orange, but it's called a "pink" because the edges of the petals look like they were cut with pinking shears.

Star tulip

A pink Mariposa lily - the only place I've ever seen these is along the road just east of the Wawona Hotel.

A little shrew that was poking around in the grass in front of the Wawona Hotel. Maybe her name is Kate. :-)


The smoke made for a very bad night, so rather than staying for two more nights we decided to check out and go home early. But after we packed the car we drove to the Chilnualna Falls trail head and hiked about 1/4 mile up the trail to where we had a really nice view of the lower cascades. Then we drove up to the Mariposa Sequoia grove and did the loop trail up to the Grizzly Giant and back - ~2.2 miles.

Part of the lower section of Chilnualna Falls - to see the upper part you have to hike an additional 4 miles.

Another view of Chilnualna

The Bachelor and the Three Graces

These fallen trees were new since our last visit to the grove, though that was back in 2002.

The Grizzly Giant, which is supposedly the 5th largest sequoia tree - the General Sherman in Sequoia Nat'l Park is the largest.

The one remaining tunnel tree in the grove - the other one was big enough for (some) cars to drive through, but weakened by that rather large hole it fell down in 1969.

An unnamed but nice looking sequoia tree.

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